Try Your Hand at Viking Rune Matching

After a hard day of wreaking havoc, how do Viking warriors unwind? We can assume that they love a horn or two of mead and a cluck or two of chicken. But we also like to imagine that they might have fun with games like Yggdrasil Gaming’s latest release, Viking Runes.

How to Write in Viking Runes

The YG Masters program collaborated with TruLab to create the Viking Runes video game. It was only released last week, and it’s a slot machine with a 9 by 9 grid that’s embedded in a massive rock formation. The snow on the ground and the faint glow of the Northern Lights in the distance confirm that it’s a frigid night.

The grid can have any one of nine distinct icons. The three most simple runes represent the lowest values, the four most colorful runes represent the middle range, and the two most ornate runes represent the highest values.

A row of five squares sits to the right of the grid. Free Spins are displayed in the top block, while the lower four display various Lightning Wilds. A Viking warrior, wielding an unusually large warhammer, stands to the left of the grid.

Gameplay for Viking Runes

The goal of this game is to pair up groups of similar runes. If you get six or more in a row, you win money. The quantity and rarity of the runes in the cluster will decide the magnitude of the reward. For a full rundown of all rewards, please refer to the game’s paytable.

When a winning cluster is found, all of the runes within it vanish, and the runes above it slide down to fill the empty places. After that, more runes will fall into the grid from above. A string of victories can result from a single’spin’ if the preceding steps lead to additional clusters of wins.

Bolts of Nature

When a winning cascade occurs, a Lightning Wild is added to the grid in the column to the right. The lowest Lightning Wild in the column will be added first, followed by the next highest, and so on. Each Lightning Wild is inserted into the grid at a whim, and they all stay in play for as long as the cascade lasts. However, after each cascade, the location of each wild will shift. After one round of cascading is complete, the column will be cleared for the next.

Disjointed Elements

There are three different aspects that can happen at any time during gameplay. During every given spin, only one will be activated. Specifications include:

Runic Shuffle: The Norse hero will reshuffle the grid with his hammer, increasing the likelihood of a winning cluster.

The Viking Sorcery bonus feature increases your chances of winning by adding anywhere from three to nine wild symbols to the playing field.

Casting the Ancestral Spell causes the ghosts of long-dead Viking warriors to combine all of the lower-value symbols into a single, enormous symbol.

Benefit of Free Turns

We have discussed how a cascade triggers the right-most column’s Lightning Wild symbols from the bottom up. If you get five consecutive cascades, the column’s top block will light up, too, and you’ll enter a bonus round where you get to spin the reels for free. Six free games with all four Lightning Wilds active are at your disposal here. But now, whenever Lightning Wilds contribute to a winning cluster, the active multiplier is increased by 1.

Exciting New Forces at Work

“Viking Runes is yet another innovative addition to our YG Masters arsenal with an exciting theme true to our root,” said Stuart McCarthy, Head of Partner Programs at Yggdrasil. “It brings a fantastic new dynamic to the portfolio, with cascading wins, a plethora of features, and a thrilling theme.”

TruLab’s Chief Business Development Officer, Vasily Polynov, made the following statement regarding the release of Viking Runes: “We are delighted to unveil Viking Runes, our latest hit through the YG Masters program.” All slot fans looking for a thrilling and exciting experience will enjoy this game due to its astronomical win potential, triggerable features on every cascade, and rich landscape.

Possible Up to a 25,000x Return on Your Bet!

Viking Runes is a fun game with a potentially life-changing payout of up to 25,000 times your wager. How many chicken legs and beers that would purchase, we have no idea, but it’s probably enough to last you a couple of months!

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