The Live Casino Game Money Drop is Now Available from Playtech

Playtech, widely regarded as one of the world’s top casino technology providers, has announced the launch of its newest product. The Money Drop Live, based on the Banijay-owned TV game show of the same name, will debut soon. Fans of the hit TV show will like this new live casino offering. The show is known as The Million Pound Drop in countries like the United Kingdom.

The Money Drop has been translated into over 50 different languages during the course of its existence. Because of this, the new game will be easily recognizable in stores around the world.

An Exciting New Alliance Is Being Formed

Playtech’s new live casino game will create waves in the industry, but the company is also putting a lot of effort into growing its network of business partners. Playtech and Fortuna Entertainment Group announced their exciting new alliance in June.


Fortuna is a sports betting company with roots in the Netherlands. Six of Fortuna’s brands across five countries will be united as part of the agreement between the two. The brands will subsequently be made available via scalable and omni-channel multi-product platforms.


Presenting: The New Standard

The introduction of The Money Drop Live is said to continue Playtech’s tradition of working with major brands and content providers like Banijay Brands. The latter belongs to a larger international conglomerate that has over 150 production divisions in 22 countries.


The new live casino game operates on the basic premise of a wheel of fortune being spun by a human dealer. The wager can be multiplied by a maximum of 5,000 times using this wheel’s associated multipliers. Additionally, the Drop Zones bonus game will activate once a booster pays out more than eight times the initial stake.


Players may rest assured that one of the four drop zones is always secure. The Quick Drop bonus round will begin if the wheel stops on an eight-times multiplier. This will allow players to concentrate their efforts in a single sector, producing a thrilling all-or-nothing dynamic.


Players at live casinos will also have access to the Card Clash bonus round. Each participant will have more opportunities to win large multiplier prizes.

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