In one spurious text known as the Pistils Sophia

bringing up in view of the verifiable writing that light body creation seems to it happen as it were “in people who have accomplished profound dominance,” Kelleher stresses the presence of “stages headed for … edification [that are] experienced by an extraordinary number of standard individuals.” This supports the likely viability of a bit by bit process, like DNA enactment, to bio-otherworldly illumination in which transposons are gradually invigorated in preliminary stages — coming full circle in a “synchronized, non-irregular rendering burst” when, and just when, the individual is deliberately ready to encounter.

Jesus (thought about an expert of the Language of the Birds) talks based on existence in the wake of death in conditions that show up straight out of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Henry refers to this as “the primary illustration of the Mar-Ki-Ba mystery.” “You are to seek after the secrets of the Light,” Jesus is cited as saying, “Which decontaminate the body and make it into refined light. “Afterward, Jesus depicts the association between our aspect and higher aspects as working “from inside outwards” — an assertion, as per Henry, that “alludes to a change of cognizance that makes the way for different universes.” Likewise, in the Holy book Jesus demands, The Realm of Paradise is inside. Dr. Horowitz’s careful examination drives him to attest the material reality of this affirmation:

The bioacoustics and electromagnetic network through which the Essence of God streams is genuine

It energizes your DNA [by transmitting] the Realm of Paradise to you, and through you, at the present time, on Earth all things considered in Paradise.” One more significant figure from the Mediterranean related with the light body is the Egyptian Thoth, called Hermes Trimegistus by the Greeks and thought about the dad of speculative chemistry. Thoth is credited with the immensely powerful expression “As above, so underneath.” Of the numerous apparently extraordinary gifts he brought his kin, seemingly the bird-headed Thoth’s most significant inheritance is the regulation of inward or otherworldly light that can in a real sense transform the human body into a physiology of heavenly brilliance. Strangely, Thoth was additionally respected as the maker of composing and his catalytic study of change, similar to that of Jesus, is related with the Language of the Birds.

The light body is likewise a subject in the old mysterious practices of Focal and South America

Various legendary figures exist like the Incan god-man Amanumuru, who as per legend strolled through an entrance called the Murk Entryway and returned by means of the Dark Street to his actual home among the stars. In what is today Mexico, a figure known as Quetzalcoatl epitomized the higher light of eternality. Judith Bluestone Policy has referred to Quetzalcoatl as “the Osiris of Mesoamerica” and views him as representing the crossing over of duality, a being who “addresses light in actual structure … liberated from the bounds of issue.” Daniel Pinchbeck’s captivating new book The Arrival of Quetzalcoatl offers one more savvy viewpoint on this exceptionally perplexing figure from fantasy, legend, and — maybe — reality. It appears to be fitting retribution that Quetzalcoatl is normally portrayed as a snake with bird wings — an undeniable reference to the capacity of DNA (represented by the snake, as in Jeremy Nasby’s The Grandiose Snake: DNA and the Starting points of Information) to change one into a heavenly being equipped for f/light, which is a superb meaning of the merkabah.

Similarly significant is that Quetzalcoatl is remembered to have renewed the extraordinary stylized focus of Teotihuacan, trusted by certain archeologists to be Earth’s interdimensional door to the unbelievable Tula, the divine home of Quetzalcoatl — and maybe other “messianic” herons or phoenixes who showed up in this aspect conveying the key of life, or the information on the most proficient method to rouse (“inhale life”) by talking or singing the bio-profound Language of the Birds.

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